Project Highlights


+8g/t Au*

Peak values in termite samples of +8g/t Au


termite mound samples collected

Six high priority target areas

with individual anomalies extending over 10 km in strike and 300 m wide



Gold consistently anomalous, with samples >0.5g/t Au common


40 termite mound samples contained more than 1 g/t Au

incl: 8.74g/t 7.24g/t, 6.94g/t, 6.50g/t, 6.13g/t & 5.58g/t Au


Rock chip samples

containing more than 1 g/t Au incl: 12.5g/t, 8.78g/t, 8.32g/t, 7.55g/t, 7.41g/t, 7.34g/t Au


Artisanal mining

Extensive small scale artisanal mining throughout the permit

Drill ready targets

>15,000m of auger drilling in H1/H2 2022. RC drilling has commenced.

Map of Daina project and targets

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Target Areas

Map of Daina Target 1

Daina 1

At Daina 1, two samples from local working pits returned high gold values including 5,16g/t, and 1,1g/t. Pits are located within the 10km long termite mound gold anomaly and within a NNW-trending shear zone system that control the gold mineralization. Rocks that host the gold mineralization are similar to those from Daina 2 and 6 targets.

Daina 2

At Daina 2, the main artisanal pit extends for over 200 m along strike and shows widths of up to 50 m. Mining activity on this site started only in recent months and only goes as deep as 10m for now. Many other clusters of local small-scale artisanal pits, exploiting mineralized bedrock, were mapped and sampled along the gold anomaly. The working pits trend NNW within the three-kilometer-long termite mound gold anomaly and are associated with a NNW-trending and shallow east dipping thrust fault zone at the contact between volcanoclastic rocks and sedimentary sequence.

Geological mapping revealed that the gold mineralized zone within the thrust fault zone is a potential three-kilometer-long stockwork and breccia vein system associated with gold dissemination in the wall rock. The stockwork vein are associated with extensive veining and brecciation of the hydrothermally altered host rock.

Analysis of the rock chip samples from the working pits at Daina 2 returned high-grade gold values including 12,5g/t, 8,78g/t, 8,32g/t, 7,55g/t, 7,34g/t, 7,04g/t, 7,03g/t, 6,51g/t, 5,47g/t, 5,35g/t, 4,91g/t, 4,85g/t and 2,56g/t Au.

Map of Daina Target 2
Map of Daina Target 6

Daina 6

Daina 6 target is located some 1.5 km west of Daina 2. Daina 6’s main artisanal mining pit extends for over 150 m along strike and shows width of up to 25 m with mining depths varying between 2 to 5 meters at the moment. Many other clusters of local working pits are identified along the mineralizing trend for at least a 1km strike length. The working pits are located within the previously defined 1.3 km long termite mound gold anomaly.

Geological and structural mapping demonstrated that the gold mineralization is hosted within a NNW-trending easterly-dipping thrust fault zone that affected coarse-grained sandstone of the sedimentary sequence. Gold is associated with a zone of strong hydrothermal alteration and quartz vein stockwork and breccia zones in some places forming gossans in the weathered profile and affecting the coarse-grained sandstone rock. These stockwerks veins and breccia zones are target areas for artisanal mining and contain high-grade gold mineralization as demonstrated by Sanu’s rock chips sampling.

Analysis of the rock chip samples from the working pits at Daina 6 returned high-grade gold values including 5,16g/t, 3,35g/t, 1,28g/t, 7,41g/t, 1,19g/t, 6,1g/t, 4,48g/t, 3,18g/t, 1,97g/t, 1,91g/t and 1,77g/t Au.

Daina in Action

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Qualified Person

The scientific and technical information relating to Sanu's properties contained on this website has been reviewed and approved by Serigne Dieng, Member (MAIG) of the Australian Institute of Geosciences (AIG), the Exploration Manager for Sanu Gold Corporation and a qualified person within the meaning of National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Properties (“NI 43-101”).


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